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    Softaculous goes Premium, with FREE version available

    Just received the following announcement from Softaculous:


    The Softaculous Team has decided that Softaculous will become a Premium / Paid Auto Installer. Softaculous has 100 scripts and is the best of its kind because of its simple design and fast speed. Its growth has been enormous and is still growing. The Pricing Structure is as Follows:
    1) $24/year for Dedicated Server Licenses
    2) $12/year for VPS Server Licenses
    3) $150 for LIFETIME Dedicated Server Licenses
    4) $75 for LIFETIME VPS Server Licenses

    For all the current licenses, they will be Premium Licenses till 31/12/2010 i.e. nearly 1 year and 4 months. Also there is an opportunity for these licenses to convert to LIFETIME Licenses for JUST $24 for Dedicated Servers and $12 for VPS Servers.
    You can purchase the licenses from here:

    Existing License holders who wish to upgrade to the Lifetime Licenses AT the discounted rate please choose the $24/year OR $12/year option while purchasing. The license will automatically be converted to Lifetime when you pay for it.
    If you have any questions please contact us at sales [at]

    After listening to a lot of Webhosters big and small we made this decision.
    - Many hosters voiced their opinions that Softaculous be made PAID for it to gain a greater reputation.
    - Some said that they would like to use it but were unsure of its future and hence refrained from using it.
    - Some said that they were selling hosting and would not like to depend on a FREE product to sell their Premium hosting.
    - Some doubted the Support they would get as Softaculous was free.
    - Some installed Softaculous alongwith other auto installers like Fantastico and Installatron and advertised that Softaculous is NOT SUCH A PREMIUM installer than the others instead of having nearly double the scripts, installing much faster and demos, ratings, reviews.

    Hence we have decided to make it paid to give it a better image and also to give us some incentive to work all the more harder for it.
    The team comprises of three friends who are all college students and code as much as we can on Softaculous.
    The team has invested too much and not even recovered anything.
    Softaculous has got all our backing inspite of all this and what holds in the future.

    We know People LOVE FREE stuff and even we do! But some dont!
    But for People who LOVE FREE STUFF Like us, Softaculous will also have a FREE Version consisting of 58 scripts. The number of scripts is more than those available in other PAID Auto Installers.

    Softaculous 2.0 also holds many new things that will add to Softaculous Glory.
    More 50 scripts are being added. Then why should people say Softaculous is not better ?

    The whole website is also being worked upon and Support Center will be online soon. Lots happening here and we know you huys will support Softaculous.

    Please post your views in this topic.

    The Softaculous Team - Web Hosting Bangladesh
    Limited Sites Per Server | cPanel | RVSiteBuilder PRO | Rapid Support | Pay-As-You-Go Reseller - Domain Registration Bangladesh
    Real-time Registration | Online Control Panel | Rapid Support | Turn-key Reseller

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    yeah, softaculous is better than cPanel, with free license and support 58 pre-installed script and more fast install when i'm trying install wordpress in my subdomain

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