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    Bluehost to HostGator - After 8 months

    Back in February I came here looking for more information regarding my 2 year experience with BlueHost and to decide whether I would move my accounts.

    In the end I wound up at HostGator and I wanted to offer some comparisons in my experiences.

    At this point as I look through my Ticket console I have contacted support 9 times in 8 months. Twice for billing (once to add a service, once to correct an invoice issue).

    The other 7 times were for minor things related to things like support of Gzip, to have a dedicated IP added, access to the PHP.INI, etc.

    In each instance, I was responded to no later than 2 hours. Most of the incidents I opened I received a response in less than an hour.

    In contrast - There were many times where after 48 hours I had not gotten a response from BlueHost at all. If memory serves me correctly, it usually took at least 24 hours to get a response from BlueHost unless I picked up the phone and called in. I have yet to use the telephone for support from HostGator, they have been so fast to respond to created tickets I don't waste my time.

    I got pushed to the breaking point with BlueHost after my sites were repeatedly becoming in accessible for 2-3 minutes at a time, 6-8 times in every 24 hour period.

    Same thing happened with C-Panel control to the account. At times it would become inaccessible. I started collecting logs over a period of several months and when I presented support with the evidence, I was literally laughed at.

    In Contrast:
    There has not been one single outage on my reseller account with HostGator. Not one. Every site is responsive, quick to load. For a couple of sites that have some files with download access, download times went from around 75K at BlueHost to 160 with HostGator.

    I've been really happy with my choice to move. There were a great deal of things they offered for free to help me move but I did not take advantage of them as I really didn't need their help. Their ticketing and support system is amazing and I commend them for dong it right. If I compare the blogs of the two company owners, it is easy to see that the attitudes of each person reflect the level of service their respective company gives.

    Performance wise, my sites and backends behave just like my own server when I was co-located before moving to shared hosting with BlueHost. Whatever The Planet and HostGator do, they do it right!

    I wanted to post this here as an honest contrast for anyone stuck in a similar position. Hope it helps.


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    Thanks for the review, sounds like you made the right choice and a host for life

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    Glad to see you are satisfied with your current provider. Hope your experience will stay the same in future.
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    Great comparison! Thanks for sharing.

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    Not a surprise at all that Hostgator does a good job. Generally I have no reason to contact them at all.

    Whatever The Planet and HostGator do, they do it right!
    For the connectivity, The Planet does deserve much of the praise. Brent did a smart move back in.. was it 2003? when he decided to move there.

    I wanted to post this here as an honest contrast for anyone stuck in a similar position. Hope it helps.
    I believe it will. Nicely written review! For verification purposes, please post a domain that you're (have been) hosting with these hosts, or send them to the moderating team via

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    Nice to heard this

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    Thanks for your review! I've also had a site hosted with them for over 3 years and have never had any tickets go unanswered or take longer than a few hours to get a reply from staff.

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    I also has heard good things about hostgator.
    they seem to be on right track now
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    @jfiigura - one of the better reviews I've read in a while. To your continued success at HostGator.

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    Interesting review, but I've a heard the same things about every hosting company. Good info on hostgator, hopefully things continue to run smoothly.

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    HostGator never disappointments. I've spoken with the owner and he really goes above and beyond to insure customer satisfaction.

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    Awesome review....Thanks for the share

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    Great review I think you were really honest

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    Quote Originally Posted by Geek3 View Post
    HostGator never disappointments. I've spoken with the owner and he really goes above and beyond to insure customer satisfaction.
    I have seen some negative reviews about them but I suppose there is small number of them. Each web hosting service has good and bad points and reviews as well.

    Nice review Joe!

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    Well, in his post history I do see him in a BlueHost thread but no domain, and nothing in his profile. I'm not going to accuse HostGator of having a shill; they're too large and too reputable for that kind of practice.

    I hope the OP returns with a domain. Take note new posters, we ask for domains for both good and bad reviews. Nothing personal.
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    I agree. I use both in different capacities, and BlueHost just can't hold a handle to HostGator. I have enjoyed just about every aspect of my HostGator experience. Support is top-notch and very quick. I normally just use support chat when I need something, and it's always a very quick, pleasant experience.
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    I might not comment any of the above mentioned companies, and the only thing I should say is that 2 hours response time means a lot for the company's customer support operations. In web hosting this is a slow response and refers to poor customer support. Most web hosts around would say taht they respond to support tickets within less than hour and it should be like that.
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    The OP's email address domain is hosted by Hostgator, and was hosted by Hostmonster some 7 months ago.

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