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    Thumbs down Whats wrong with ?


    i really don't know whats going on with this company,
    i have server with them , i did an automated OS reinstall and the server never came up, and their control panel says :
    Reinstallation in progress !
    its been 5 DAYS, since i opened ticket and they never answered .
    and i really need my server back online ASAP

    anyone knows whats wrong with them ?
    i even call their phone but no answer

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    no one knows anything about them ?
    its almost week the server is down,

    any ideas ?!

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    I am not familiar with this company personaly. Looks like they have been in business since 2003, so they have been around a bit. below is thier WHOIS contact info. No phone number, but you might try emailng that address and see if you get any answer.

    adm-name: root eSolutions
    adm-address: 35, rue John F. Kennedy
    adm-zipcode: 7327
    adm-city: Steinsel
    adm-country: LU
    adm-email: [email protected]

    Might also try searching for an threads here on WHT and see what you get. Maybe they have a rep who is active here.

    Good luck and let us know how you make out!
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    They are really slow with all kind of support from begin of 2009. Their representative (Globichen - if i not wrong) post some explanation about situation but of course explanation doesn't help to customer when their servers died somehow and control panel cannot help get server to back.
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    they answered today , and problem solved
    but im very disappointed with the support team

    6 days to reply ticket ?

    any way im happy that the server back online

    i have to admit that their uptime is perfect 100%
    this issue i had is because server was interrupted while reinstalling OS

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    Glad to heard that your problem solved now Let's see how our problem (same issue) will handle...
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    hardware replacements do seem to take awhile there.. mine was 4-5 days before hard drive was replaced.. granted the system was not down as it was a second hard drive.. but still i had to put new orders on hold for my customers. Their FAQ says most within a few hours.

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