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    Dedicated Server Contol Panel with Admin and User Levels


    I have come to the point with my company where I am looking to go from rented servers to co located servers. I am looking for a web based control panel where by users can reboot, shutdown and start up their own servers.

    We are co locating around 30 servers to Amsterdam and I wanted to get everything planned before we ship them over.

    (if possible) I would like to be able to remotely rebuild servers as we need them although this is not vital as the DC have offered to do this for us at no additional cost.

    But the main thing that I am after is the web based control panel for our staff to be able to add users accounts, dedicated servers and configure their specs and display their server cost to the customers.

    and then a User level where they can reboot their servers and view bandwidth also cpu and hard drive usage if possible.

    please could somebody recommend anything that can do this? and if there is additional hardware that we would require?

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    Ubersmith DE ( will do this for you, there are several datacenters using this platform.

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    Is there anything else? I want to keep my options open


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    There is NOCWizard (, DSManager ( which you can consider as well. Not sure if NOCWizard is still in development as I haven't heard much about it in the last few months.

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    go for Ubersmith.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Prajyot View Post
    go for Ubersmith.
    i agree with u

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    The latest panel I've seen released which does a lot of this is NOCWorx:

    It was developed by the same folk who run InterWorx
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    Thanks for this

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    Ubersmith is the one I would (and did) choose..

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    Another vote for Ubersmith.

    Nocworx looks interesting, but is it out/available yet ?
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