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    I never know which is better, please help..

    when it comes to hardware, I feel stupid because I don't understand and cant figure out how to check if its good or bad, I can tell only by the RAM and the Processor, but then it comes Intel (pentium, xeon) ah blah blah ? AMD ?.. so many different versions..

    I am currently on a server : Intel(R) Xeon(TM) CPU 3.06GHz

    I am paying $110 for this with 2 GB RAM and cPanel included, sometimes I need a support so I pay extra $35 per month to another management company..

    ...but the server seems to be DOWN most of the times, so I need to upgrade, which option would you suggest from this point, from Xeon 3.06 to upgrade, I don't want to go like paying $300 per month, so just a small change with good hardware would be good to go with for next couple of months..

    I was with Softlayer in the past and had great experience, but I had to pay $235 for a server I think Quad Core 3220, but I cant afford it at the moment. You may also suggest any reputable companies like Softlayer, liquidweb, Burstnet etc as well (if not allowed please pm me)


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    Just search this forum and you will find a lot of hosting providers with good server settings at affordable price.
    But please take into consideration if a hosting offers unlimited plans then don't go with that company because nothing is unlimited in the world.

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    thanks for the suggestion. But to be more specific which system would be better than "Intel(R) Xeon(TM) CPU 3.06GHz" and be within my range, I will search the offers myself..


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    Quote Originally Posted by Maxell View Post
    thanks for the suggestion. But to be more specific which system would be better than "Intel(R) Xeon(TM) CPU 3.06GHz" and be within my range, I will search the offers myself..

    Xeons are server-grade quad cores, and what you have now seems pretty good (of course depending on how old your Xeon is). Perhaps it is your provider to blame and not necessarily the hardware. A downgrade of what you have now would be a Core2Quad, and an upgrade would be a Dual Quad Xeon, but the latter may cost quite a pretty penny. A Pentium anything would be a major downgrade. Therefore I think you should stick with the basic processor configuration you have now, but instead try switching providers.

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    What might be a better idea is to look at the reason your server is down all the time.

    It is certainly not a reason to upgrade unless you are having performance issues - is it because the hardware is not up to scratch or is it the provider that is causing the downtime?

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    Any idea what the causes of your server's downtime may be? Did your provider suggested that you needed an upgrade?

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    Thanks you for posting replies, I really appreciate. thanks

    As I one site that only has 400-500 visitors usually in 20 minutes, that has phpBB forum installed and has large database, so one of its files (viewtopic.php) and also MySQL has high CPU usage, I think thats the reason it goes down..

    Just one quick question, I have 2 GB of ram on current server, will a
    "Core 2 Quad" with 8 GB better than my current server ?


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    ... 8GB Ram actually..

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    Yes Maxell, a server with 8GB of ram will be much better for your setup. You will also want to look into a more powerful processor.

    Running a popular forum, RAM is a very crucial part of the puzzle.

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    Unfortunately the Xeon you mentioned is very old. Pentium4 architecture with very low bus speed, memory on chip and Single core. if you search for intel processors on wiki it lists the intel processors in order and with specifications. Just search for the processor number and you will know roughly its quality compared to another.

    Just because a server is overloaded should not cause it to go down unless in extreme conditions. slow performance yes, down for some time no. I would ask your provider if you don't know or your management person to look at and show you ram, cpu usage for last week and month.

    Without knowing too much sounds like the provider is having issues. either hardware on your server, power issues or internet issues causing your downtime. Unfortunately you say "the server seems" to be down at MOST times. I use and pay but they have a trial where you don't pay. it can check pings every 5 minutes and even make sure your website is up.

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    May be you should upgrade your RAM to 8GB. This will increase your server performance totally.

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    What type of hard drives are you using? I'm assuming with that monthly price you're using regular SATA drives. You could possibly upgrade to 4gb ram and have a good 10k drive or 15k drive would actually help it run faster. - Looking for HOT deals on cloud hosting services? We post 5 of the hottest deals every day! -> Click Here <-

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