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    Looking to do a triple monitor setup

    Recently i got to experience what its like to use 3 monitors on one computer. I personally dual screen but i've never used 3 or 4 screens at once before. I've come to the conclusion that I can easily make use of 3 screens and possibly 4 screens at the same time. Anyways, I'm a bit unsure on what i should buy. I have both a desktop and a laptop. I don't know if i want to use my desktop or my laptop. haha so anyways my laptop has vga out and my desktop has dvi out. At the moment my desktop can hook up two screens (since it has two dvi out) and my laptop can kadd a second monitor and use its laptop screen to dual screen. Unfortunately my laptop screen is only 10 inches (Lenovo x200 tablet). So anyways, i was looking at matrox, but they are a bit pricey and i don't want to spend more than a 100 bucks. However if the quality sucks from other cheaper brands then i guess i could go with matrox. My laptop video card says is 32mb. I'm assuming i can increase it and just lose more system memory?

    With that information, any recommendations on what brand i should go with? Matrox or? My budget isn't to much of an issue, but i would like to go cheap but at the same time i want a high quality product. So I guess something reasonably priced would be perfect.

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    The very easy solution is to get a 4 output video card but you are hitting $500 easy.

    The harder solution but works for me is a single dual dvi as a primary (pci express) and a second single/dual dvi/vga as a secondary (pci). I've found if the brand is the same its very easy to setup. big hint...use your primary drivers first then install the secondary card drivers afterwards. they'll both work.

    I have a 24" wide primary with 2 older 19" standard on the sides. Love it and wouldn't give it up for anything!!

    as you already have a decent dual dvi out find the model and get a sub $50 pci card of the same brand as your other card.

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    I've got 3 22" monitors, just get two graphics cards and use SLI
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    Or instead of shelling out on a new card buy a bigger screen. If you have the cash do like 42"
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    Thanks for the advice, i ended up getting the matrox triplehead2go for only $130.00, and it was BRAND NEW!!!

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