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    * how to Configure Dedicated Drive add-on

    I got 120GB drive on centOS 5.2. And I'm out of disk space. I ordered another 120GB drive which is already mounted as /disk2.

    But I don't know how to configure the out-of-disk-space domains to use the /disk2 as its predefined /home/<domain>/public_html/videos.

    I want the /home/<domain>/public_html/videos/1.wvm file to point to /disk2/<domain>/videos/1.wvm whenever there is a request(either http requests, or ftp uploading) from /home/<domain>/public_html/videos/1.wvm

    So what should I do (maybe in apache or httpd.conf)? Can I do it with many <domains> instead of 1 fixed <domain>?

    Thanks for your helps!

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    you haveing cpanel server or any other cp?
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    it's from with Simple Control Panel

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    * noone?

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    Quote Originally Posted by AHN-Andrew View Post
    Ask their support
    The best way :-)
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    I already did, they said i dont pay for their support and I'm about to move to another server provider!

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    As this is linux, the easiest way probably would be too do something like the following. I would suggest testing with one domain just to make certain that your Apache setup will allow the symbolic link.

    cd /disk2
    for i in `ls /home`
    mkdir /disk2/$i
    mv /home/$i/public_html/video /disk2/$i
    ln -s /disk2/$i/video /home/$i/public_html/video

    Now if you allow uploads then you may need to change the ownership on the directory and files and also permissions on the directories.

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    Thanks for the reply. So I basically move the current dir to the new disk2 then make a link. Command successful but the http server did not find the dir/files where it should link to

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    Thx. It works but not on the reference image files which is using phpThumb. I'm testing on /images directory. URL is:

    This is also important: since /disk2 is not an accessible directory, this can be done only when I am as an Admin., How my client domain ftp the new files on his domain? (becuase he just can upload to his public_html which is out of diskspace, not the new /disk2).


    to nomankhn: disk1 = disk2 = 120GB. A little for /root, all for /home

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    You can go into the /disk2 directory and chown the domain directory and all sub-directories/files to the ftp user, for instance do the following:

    cd /home
    ls -al {test domain directory}

    you should see something like the following:
    drwxrwxr-x 9 testuser apache 4096 Aug 27 06:00 testuser

    so you will probably need to run something like this:

    chown -R testuser:apache /disk2/testuser

    This will change the ownership on all files and directories under the test account so that the testuser can add, delete, and over write any files in their tree.

    Unfortunately I have never used phpThumb, but it "should" be able to follow the symbolic link to your image files. Can you put the direct URL to the images your testing with in your browser and be able to view the image? For instance:

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    Confirm: Yes, it works. You can see the emoticons there which are preferred to /disk2. You can also see some broken image which used for phpThumb. However, with the "normal" files (not the "link" files), phpThumb still can display well. I'll point to the "normal" files, after you have a look at the current page, to the same URL above so that you can compare.

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    images goes to the /disk2/ directory? I am taking a guess at the directory structure. *S*

    If so then I am able to view the images in the avatar directory.

    Hmm, there is also a images/images directory.

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    For the chown -R testuser:apache /disk2/testuser: I tried

    Filename User Group Permissions Size Modified
    vubao/ vubao vubao rwxrwxrwx 4 KB 8:16 AM

    but when ftp and try to open /images it says "Failed to open file" (dir instead). ANy other hint?

    You're so helpful. Thx a lot mrpepik

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    Yes, you can view it as I confirmed. Your solution is perfect! The only thing is when it come to the path for phpThumb to process, that reference path doesn't work for phpThumb like when it located on disk1. Now if I changing back to normal location on disk1, you can see the images all.

    BTW, thank you for taking yr time telling me this...

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    oops... I can't rename my /images directory from the back up on disk1. Is there any quick tips to "unlink" them from the previous "ln" on disk2?

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    it's vsftp.

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    thanks I just unlink it

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    and now you can see all other images after I back up from its original.

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    to remove a symbolic link, cd to the directory you have the link in and then just use "rm {linkname}"

    Ok on vsftp.

    From a google search vsftp won't allow a user to go out of the chrooted directory, so you might be able to do the following:

    mount --bind /var/ftp/music /home/userA/music

    I don't use vsftp and haven't looked at it in a long time. Sorry

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    Thank you very much. I think I'm fine by now by learning new stuffs. I'm gonna move to other Dedicated server provider anyway . Wish you all the best.

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