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    Question about mail servers ...

    Hi to all. Hope you all are good.

    Here is my issue: I need some help on determine whether or not is possible to have two email accounts at same domain name ([email protected] and [email protected]), but the home directories of these two email accounts be on two different servers each with its own dedicated IP address (account1 is on server1 and account2 is on server2). And if this is possible can anyone help me on how to do that using sendmail or postfix?

    Any help on this will be much appreciated.

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    This is possible with Exchange (using front end server) and I think Postfix (by modifying the transport tables). For your case I am thinking you should designate one of the servers as the MX to receive all mail (server1) and configure it to forward or redirect the mail for account2 to server2.
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    postfix for sure.
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