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  1. #1 CLOSING??

    Hi there,

    I'm new to this forum, and I'm writing in despair!

    I've tried to reach freewebhosting.(ws) - sales, support, webmaster - email, and I'm getting undelivered messages.

    The phone number is also disconnect.
    Since the Wilderness Visions as the same address I've tried to reach their number, some guys answering machine came up.

    Do any of the member as an account over freewebhosting.(ws)?
    If so, do you know if the closed down or are going out of business?

    Thanks in advance.
    Sorry if this posting is out of order!


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    From the looks of the domain, is it free web hosting? You may want to try where you may get more feedback?

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    Well I pay for the hosting account.
    The free is about banner free... I think.

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    IMHO if you could not reach them in the next 48 hours that will means that they have problems.

    Regards - Windows Web hosting information and resources.

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    I'm trying to contact them since 17 August!

    I better backup all my sites and transfer the domains.
    If any of you guys uses the same hosting, I leave the advice.

    Thanks for all the opinions possible...

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    Seems they are back up now. Im betting they had a server crash and had no way to contact their customers since their site was on the same machine. Sucks what that happens.
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    If you are freaking out about your free host being down, you might want to seriously consider moving up to a paid hosting package. Free hosting can be pretty dangerous, if your site has substance, needs to be reliable, and/or makes money, better move up! Good luck!
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    You get what you pay for!!
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    Their website and all the offer looks unprofessional to me, so honestly I suggest switching to an paid service rather than using this one any longer.

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    It is closing down

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    They are closing down I think, I heard a person talking about it in a hosting irc not so long ago.

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    That's what you get with anything that is free.. the quality of service is almost unpredictable and you couldn't much about it really.. There are affordable packages out there that wouldn't cost you a fortune. But of course you can't again expect for a superb service out of it.

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