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    i want a command ... !!

    Hello Friends,

    my last thread was about ifram infection and i've found good idea

    i need someone to write to me cronjob command that do the following

    every 4 hours it runs an php file at following path


    how could be the cronjob command i do write ????

    *** since it attack index.php we can record its size and which size_detect.php when it run and found different in size it send you an mail >>

    if it worked i will write here the code the of idea after improvment , i just need the command in order to test it

    thanks in advance

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    Try to setup this command as a Cron Job

    0 4 * * * php -q /home/my_hosting_un/public_html/size_detect.php

    If you want to test the file use

    php -q /home/my_hosting_un/public_html/size_detect.php

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    it will still report if customers change their php files for good..

    may be, you can monitor the ftp logs for immediate download and upload of files.. usually iframe attacks are done like this

    1. A file is downloaded from server using FTP ( in 99% of cases )
    2. The file is changed at attackers end.
    3. The file is uploaded back to server.

    The entire operation takes less than 1 second. So, if there is frequent download and upload of files in short time ( say less than 3 seconds ), then some sort of attack is happening.
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    You could prbably use a diff command

    diff <reference file > index.html
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