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    PHP arguments in arguments

    Is it possible to do something like this:'

    An argument with arguments in it?

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    yes, but the code would have to be parsed differently.

    You would take the uri string and parse it to fit our needs.


    which would result into an array of file. Atleast, that is how i do it with post.. just this is using get instead, same concept i would think.

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    You can always grab the request data and parse it any way you like. PHP provides a handy syntax to send arguments as arrays already, so why not use it?

    If you need to pass any URI characters, a common example being passing a reference URL to an authentication scheme, be sure to run the string through urlencode(). You wouldn't need the quotes around your last example'd essentially have this:

    PHP Code:
    php -'echo "" . urlencode("page2.php?file=something.jpg") . "\n";' 
    Then, on the other side

    PHP Code:
    $files explode('file='$_GET['file']); 
    PHP should decode the URL-encoding automagically for $_GET vars...

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    I couldn't get it to work. Thanks for your help though, I think i just did something wrong. I did something else and it works. Basically, I'm using NiftyPlayer (, an excellent little Flash mp3 player, to play music. The music is encrypted. To play the music, you embed nifty player like this:


    I needed to decrypt the music before playing so I tried this:


    This didn't work so I tried your suggestions but I don't think I did them right. What I ended up doing is to modify niftyplayer to append decrypt.php?file= to the file path it is given. This works perfectly. Thanks for your help though, I really do appreciate it!

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