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Thread: Server Problem

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    Server Problem

    Hello everybody, I have a site to download (movies, music and programs) but not hosted on the server I provide only the links to download.

    I was with my site hosted in the U.S., then moved to Germany and my visits have fallen 50%.
    now moved to the Netherlands and has falls, like help from someone who knows what they might be can not stand it keeps changing the U.S. site and excellent but you can not host my site.

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    How much down time did you have in between the changes? Might have been the cause of losing visits.

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    15 days on average believe that this is not the problem.

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    It could be due to a speed related issue. Going from the US to overseas, page load and ping times will be higher for US visitors. Of course this itself would not be noticeable however when they download large files as seems to be the case here, it cause cause a noticeable effect and result in slow file transfer. So they may prefer to download such content elsewhere.

    Again, this is only a theory, but quite possible.

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    I do not host the files I only I provide the links.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chupaqueedeuva View Post
    I do not host the files I only I provide the links.
    Even though it is just a link, still your users will pass by your server and this can be a problem if it is slow... some will just get tired and move....
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