Hiya All!

Valai.Net offers dependable, shared web hosting at decent prices ; no deep discounts, no WHT specials, just good old hosting that gives realistic offers and goes the extra mile to take care of our customers.

100 Megs of real space
2000 Megs of real bandwidth
[this is multihomed non-cogent and real available bandwidth that is not oversold at all]


Stable FreeBSD Unix web hosting with very high uptime, very low server loads and responsive, responsible support.

We have provided 99.75 % actual uptime for the past 300 days and most of the downtime has been scheduled maintenance.

And added to it is our open gurantee that there wil be no more than 52 sites on a P3 , 512 MB RAM.

Carefully selected server software:

- djbdns as DNS server
- Apache as web server
- ProFTPd as FTP server
- Qmail as the MTA
- courier imap and qmail pop3 daemons
- mySQL as the dB server
- PERL and PHP language support

In fact all this is nothing special.. this is what any host should do and the good ones do too! .

But then web hosting nowadays reminds me of the joke where a customer walks into a watch shop and says in exasperation " Do you have a watch that has 12 numbers, 2 hands and tells me the time when I look at it?"

Well we do have a watch that tells you the time every time you look at it unfailingly !