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    Are Automated Backups Possible

    I'm not sure if anyone here has had any experience with SiteGround but I signed up with them a few days ago.

    Is there any way to setup in cPanel (or any other way) to have automated backups that can be sent to my email or downloaded to my computer every XXX hours or at least every day?

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    Hey Student101,

    What are you backing up? Is it a windows or linux system?

    If its linux, you have several options, such as tar + mail or rsync. And if your home computer is windows, you can download rsync for windows and they setup a batch script that can run every several hours to sync your remote directory to a local directory.

    If you are looking to backup a database, MySQL for instance, you can run a mysqldump to pull all of the info from your database into a text file, then include that file in your tar or rsync commands.

    For example with tar and mailx you would run a script with something like this in it from cron:
    tar zcf /tmp/`date '+%F-%H'`-output-file.tgz /directory/path/to/website /path/to/database/file

    uuencode /tmp/`date '+%F-%H'`-output-file.tgz /tmp/`date '+%F-%H%M'`-output-file.tgz | mailx -m -s "Files From Server" <email address>

    rm /tmp/`date '+%F-%H'`-output-file.tgz

    This might be the easiest to setup, that way it will come to your email, instead of having to figure out how to run rsync from windows.

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    Pretty much what Pepik said, you could also schedule a Cron Job which would execute whenever you want it to. If your computer at home was always on, you could set the Cron job to run a script which would connect to an FTP server on your home computer and dump everything there.

    SQL dumps can only be done via SSH if you have access to the MySQL CLI. As a default user, this is unlikely, so more than likely you'll have to do that manually as the database files won't be accessible with a jailed shell.

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    I assume that would be better to get in touch with the web hosting service provider directly and specify all details regarding that
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    You could use a automated program on your computer and have it back up your files that way but you can not back your mysql information. Most likely site ground has some sort of back up drive or remote backups. You most likely can not use SSH Jailed or not.

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    Here is a PHP script that I have found to automate your backups daily to a remote FTP server.

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    You can create PHP script and set cron job to automate the process.
    It can be programmed to send to your email also.
    There is many scrips for this and it's not hard.
    I use it also for my website.

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    I have a script that will backup cPanel per domain to an ftp server.
    Ping me if interested. It's a simple cron setup.
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    Quote Originally Posted by FS - Mike View Post
    If your computer at home was always on, you could set the Cron job to run a script which would connect to an FTP server on your home computer and dump everything there.
    And I checked there TOS,there is not any info about the back-ups.Most hosters provide a daily back-up for their clients.So,I suggest check with your host company first.
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    According to their TOS:

    2.10. We act in good faith to back up data stored on your account once per week. These backups are intended for internal use only and are not related to any Back Up Services we may offer. It is your responsibility to back up data of your website and content, email messages, SQL databases and anything else you may store on the Space we provide you. We may determine that certain file extensions are not suitable for backup. Such file types include but are not limited to: iso; ace; arj; avi; bak; bin; bz; bz2; cab; car; cbr; ccd; cdr; cue; drw; exe; flv; gz; gzip; img; iso; jar; jmy; lbs; md; mid; midi; mov; mp2; mp3; mp4; mpa; mpeg; mpg; nrg; pae; pak; psb; psd; r00; r01; r02; r03; ram; rar; rm; rmf; sea; sub; tar; tar.gz; tgz; vob; wad; wav; wave; wma; wmv; zip. It is your obligation to verify whether particular files will be backed up.

    Back Up Services are provided as is and are subject to all warranty disclaimers and limitations of liability set out herein. By purchasing services from us, including Back Up Services, you agree that you will maintain your own set of backups independent of those we maintain. If we provide data to you from a back up, it will be provided as raw data, and you may be required to reformat that data so that it reflects a prior configuration or use. Our only obligation is to restore your Space or Server to its operating condition. It is your obligation to restore your website.
    The link that RelicHost posted works and is easy to set up so that might be a good way for you to go.

    Their TOS statement on back ups kind of sketches me out personally so however you go about doing it, I'd get something implemented ASAP.

    If you choose a method that involves executing a cron job, I would also suggest checking with their support department to see if they have any limits on cron frequency. Most hosts do (usually no more than once per 30 minutes - 1 hour).

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