Not sure-No Problem! Our Limited Time X2 special is for those who aren't sure what they need now or as they grow!
Most people who aren't highly experienced are not sure what they really need so they buy plans with far higher "numbers" than they will ever use for disk space & bandwidth and sadly many end up on overcrowded servers with poor performance.

At New Idea we do not oversell disk, bandwidth, or server resources and we ONLY offer Shared hosting-Doing one thing-well...for 8 years in Feb. 2010. Our systems/services are designed to be "Business-Grade" with a high uptime guarantee and super fas Nehalem Quad-Cores on Fast Tier 1 connections.
But our plans may seem small compared to others and might make someone apprehensive about getting what seems like a small plan....

To solve that we have created a "double" auto-upgrade process on our 3 most popular plans starting at $10.95.
These will take care of most any web site out there unless you are big enough to need a dedicated server.

It's simple:
Start with our base plan with 1GB disk and 8GB bandwidth (unless you are sure you need more to start-just let us know).
If you approach 80% of your space or bandwidth you are automatically upgraded up to 2X the resources or 2GB disk and 16GB bandwidth's simply included in the X2 special.
At that point you would reach our next plan and the price would increase slightly (with your approval) but the X2 offer still applies. As you grow resources are automatically added to your account up to twice as much and this continues all the way through our third plan (never extra charges for any upgrade without your approval), if you outgrow 1 part of a plan we sell disk & bandwidth by the GB too, so you can always get exactly what you need....
If you are new or unless you already have a very large site one of these 3 plans will cover you with super-fast Tier 1 performance with backups and other "business grade" features included.
We also have the best quality "do it yourself" site builder on the market for only $3.00 a mo. additional.

To check out our limited-time X2 plans visit us at New Idea Hosting today!
All new clients under the X2 specials will be entitled to all the features though all 3 plans as long as you stay; even if we stop or alter the special-you'll never get less.*

If you need more than that we also have advanced plans.

Also if you or someone you know are a Christian interested in a special offer for persons willing to create an manage Christian web sites for kids through young adults; please contact us for a unique offer from our owner personally, for laypeople wanting to provide a Christian web service (perhaps a home-bound or disabled person) -- anyone with enough skill to create and manage a Christian based web site. This is apart from our normal services and is something our owner is doing to "give back" for those who can create an on-line ministry (no big churches or people already having "ministry" sites) He will speak personally with anyone interested about qualifications.

*The only possibility of change would be if some unforeseen very drastic change in the prices of services beyond our control happened-government rules or fees, economic conditions etc. and advance notice would be given ALL clients-X2 clients will never be singled out.