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    * $59.99 Dual Xeon 2.8Ghz | $89.99 Dual Xeon 3.6Ghz |

    Dedicated Server Sales for Aug. 26th 2009 - Sep. 2nd 2009 provides products and services to reduce your IT overhead using a proven service hosting and support platform.

    Proven Success (Our History)
    Since our establishment in 2004, Epic Technology Solutions LLC has taken great care in ensuring that value is second only to quality, support and service. We offer a dynamic platform of services including web design, commercial server hosting, customized network applications, and IT management services.

    Why Epic Technology Solutions?
    Service, Support, Solutions. Our unique platform of services gives you the ability to customize the solutions that fit your IT needs. Backed by our exceptional support and knowledgeable staff, we provide you with a proven successful partnership.

    Epic Technology Solutions Solving I.T.s biggest problems

    Dedicated Servers: Save time and money by taking advantage of our reliable servers located in state-of-the-art facilities. Choose from a wide verity of our ready to go servers encompassing Dell PowerEdge, SuperMicro and IBM e-server equipment.
    All of our dedicated server offers are customizable at the order page. For custom quotes, please email [email protected]

    Intel Dual Xeon 2.8 GHz Deal

    • 2x Intel Xeon 2.8 GHz processors
    • 2 GB DDR RAM
    • 160 GB Hard Disk Space
    • Southfield Michigan Data Center
    • 1000 GB Bandwidth per month
    • 100 Mbit/s port
    • 4 IPs included

    ONLY $59.99/mo Same Day Setup*(AS LOW AS $44.99 a month/2 Year Contract)
    Order Now

    Intel Dual Xeon 3.6 GHz Deal

    • 2x Intel Xeon 3.6 GHz processors
    • 4 GB DDR RAM
    • 500 GB SATA Hard Disk
    • Southfield Michigan Data Center
    • 1000 GB Bandwidth per month
    • 100 Mbit/s port
    • 4 IPs included

    ONLY $89.99/mo Same Day Setup*
    Order Now

    All servers come standard with:
    UPS Backup Power
    Secure datacenter
    Web Based Bandwidth Monitoring
    24/7 Tech Support
    Free Reboots

    KVM/IP Rental Available /

    Our Southfield, MI Facility:

    Location: Within 200 Miles of Chicago Area/Southfield Michigan
    Ping Test:
    Test Download

    Our state of the art gigabit network and 24/7 staffed datacenters feature exceptional performance and security.

    Key Features:
    Secure Facility
    UPS Backup System
    Diesel Generator System
    Protected Fiber Ring

    IP Carriers Include: Level 3, Savvis, Global Crossing, and XO.

    Network Test Results **
    Florida, U.S.A...................39.0 ms
    New York, U.S.A...............39.1 ms
    Santa Clara, U.S.A...........58.3 ms
    Vancouver, Canada..........61.5 ms
    London, U.K.......................97.2 ms
    Austin, U.S.A....................36.3 ms
    Chicago, U.S.A.................7.3 ms

    **test based on lowest delay to our Southfield, MI facility on 5/30/2009.
    *Same day setup possible for Dual Intel Xeon 2.8Ghz Special with default setup, Centos, no add-ons or upgrades. Payment must be received before 3pm EST to qualify. Standard setup on custom orders is 1-3 business days.

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    I like the $60 package.
    Want to know if I can use my Own Windows License as we already have that being a telecom company ( ) . So it would just be wasting money if I buy your license .

    Also Want to know about the network ?
    I host game servers which have lagged a lot for me on VPS.
    So I want to be sure this network at 100 mbps is available 24x7.

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    Dealing with windows license, we will allow you to provide a legitimate windows license if you chose "I will provide the OS" when signing up.

    Also, dealing with our network, we run far from maximum network utilization.

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    I really like the package, server specifications and prices.
    But a few questions I need to ask before ordering my server.

    Basically I run game servers.
    So I want Windows OS at it.
    I have to run Game Servers .
    Have Been using VPS before and now shifting to Dedicated.
    VPS servers lagged a lot for me.
    Pings of people fluctuated in Servers maybe due to shared connection.
    Also some network down times.

    So about the network here,
    I want to know that it should not be shared 100 mbps connection.
    It should give this speed all the time when we want to use it until we reach the bandwidth per month . And if it is so then eventually my game servers wont be lagging.

    Because there are companies but a little expensive for which give 100 mbps ports and guarantee to use that speed 24x7 so game servers wont be lagging. The prices suit me here of course .

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