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    [US] DOUBLE EVERYTHING SALE (Except The Price!)

    As a part of our growth HWS Hosting has decided to run a unique *DOUBLE* everything (except the price!) promotion over our complete US based infrastructure. Please use the coupon code 'DOUBLEUS' while ordering:

    GBP & USD currency options available during the order process.

    30GB Disk Space
    300GB Bandwidth
    256MB Dedicated RAM
    512MB Burst RAM
    Up to 2 IP Addresses*
    8.00 per month
    Order here

    60GB Disk Space
    600GB Bandwidth
    512MB Dedicated RAM
    1024MB Burst RAM
    Up to 3 IP Addresses*
    15.00 per month
    Order here

    90GB Disk Space
    900GB Bandwidth
    1024MB Dedicated RAM
    2048MB Burst RAM
    Up to 4 IP Addresses*
    20.00 per month
    Order here

    *Accounts are provided with 1 IP as standard, extra IPs require valid justification.


    cPanel - $10 per month (contact the Sales Department)
    DirectAdmin - 4.50 per month
    IP Addresses - 0.75 per IP, discounts for larger orders
    Initial Secure/Setup (cPanel only) - 12.50, one off.

    A bit of background

    As many of you know HWS hosting is a profitable, debt free venture, being in business for well over 2 years now. We are, what we like to call, a "extremely customer oriented" company, driven by a young, enthusiastic staff, passionate for providing a great customer experience in everything we do! With the collective years of experience and enthusiasm that we bring to the table, we encourage you to try us out as we are more than positive you'll be astonished by the high level of service we provide at a great price!


    All our US based servers consist of quad core processors, 8GB+ RAM, 1TB+ drives with carefully picked, top notch branded components. Each host machine is connected either via 100Mbps or 1Gbps line, meaning we can deliver and meet requirements of high demanding customers.

    Servers are located at Dallas, Texas:

    Ping test:
    Speed test:


    We provide a strictly Unmanaged service, however on a Managed or 'Pay as you go' support basis our highly skilled and experienced team of technical support managers and administrators will be happy to assist you. Feel free to submit us a ticket through and we shall get in touch soon.

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