Host Color now offers anyone who needs quality VPS Hosting to double their VPS resources as follows:

From 512 MB RAM -> 1280 Mb RAM
From 25 GB disc space -> 50 GB space
From 250 GB data transfer per month - > 500 GB data transfer

The price of the VPS is only $49.95/month

You can sign up with the following VPS Hosting plans to take advantage of the offering:

VPS Power
  • 1 280 MB RAM
  • 50 GB disc space
  • 500 GB data transfer
  • Dedicated IP
  • Virtuozzo Power Panel
  • Plesk ($5/mo) license (100 websites) or cPanel license ($15/mo)

Price (Unmanaged): Sign Up for VPS Power $49.95 / month with coupon code VPSUPGRADE0809
Price (Managed): $94.90 / month before rebates and discounts

Go to VPS Power and use promotional code VPSUPGRADE0809 on sign up page. It will decrease the price of this plan to $49.95/mo. You can also sign up for a VPS Advance, to login to your pZone (Personal Customer Service Center) and to send message to our sales team to double (upgrade) your resources.

Please also pay attention on the low cost Plesk Panel license fee of $5/month. If you want Plesk Panel just include the item in your shopping cart in the first VPS order page.


You have 3 key advantages when you use Host Color's VPS hosting services.

1. Parallels Virtuozzo Containers technology combined with
- Plesk control panel or
- FREE NextColor (nextcolor.com) / with PowerTools hosting automation system

2. Fair, Customized service and Famous 24x7 personalized support
- No overselling on any level
- No limitation of service
- Hidden TOS, No hidden fees
- Customer service by qualified staff on toll free line (no call waiting)
- 15 minutes response on support tickets guaranteed

3. Hosting with responsible provider that cares about your web business
- Company in business since 2000
- Friendly customer service - U.S.: 1-888-222-1495 / UK: +44 871 731 1002

Please go to hostcolor.com/vps or contact our sales or customer support representatives. They are available for you 24x7.