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    Softlayer 3.5 year review

    We moved to softlayer when ev1servers was still it's own company. (Just in time, phew) and are still with softlayer. Our first server was under $1,000 and today we're paying $xx,xxx for our hosting needs to SL and thought I'd post a follow up review.

    One of the things that prompted me to do this is I just got off the phone with their support about doing a upgrade on a server CPU without provisioning a new server and getting his opinion on some of the structures and even without knowing my account number or size of my account he was EXTREMELY helpful and stayed on the phone for almost 30 minutes discussing different items with me.

    Their pricing has been excellent and very accommodating in terms of not scraping servers and moving up but rather getting discounts on them. Mary from sales is amazing there!

    The private network is excellent and in the last few years I can't remember any issues with it. Public network has been very stable. There have been a few instances I can remember, but very manageable and still within the acceptable limit. The Planet experienced considerably more from what I remember.

    A few things I appreciate about them is that they still have that start up "customer service first" attitude that everybody hoped they don't lose. They have NEVER in a ticket made me feel like I should have had my sysadmin do it instead regardless of how trivial or "server managed" it is. They are always willing and quick to jump on a server and help resolve it regardless of the issue. We have 2 separate SL accounts for accounting purposes and with both it's consistent service so it's not preferential treatment due to our size)

    Another thing I really appreciate about them is they are consistently improving their service whether it's adding a CDN service or cloud computing to the latest servers.

    Our latest server which is a 24 core Xeon, 20GB ram, 6 Intel SSD in raid 5 for mysql is absolutely amazing and the provisioning speed of the server bar none.

    I really only have mostly good things to say about them. The only issue I did encounter recently was with their DNS servers which have had a few hickups and got DDOSed recently. It just made me add a secondary and problem solved but this should have been done ages ago by me anyways. I attached a photo of our invoice 3.5 years ago as proof of a long term customer

    Hopefully this helps someone and if you have any questions about them by all means feel free to ask.
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    Wow, glad to hear you have been with them for this long, and are still happy! Nice to know there is no preferential treatment.

    Good review!
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    Good to know. Thanks for sharing a detailed review.
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    I'm not sure what the other guys offer because it's been such a long time but a few other amazing features they have that I forgot to include: IPMI, Java console screen, eVault, iSCSI, hardware load balancers and a few others that are extras. Some of these are not necessarily big features but I'm still very impressed with the infrastructure they put in place to solve everyday issues.

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    Great review!

    I've been with EV1, FastServers, and LayeredTech for dedicated servers, but SoftLayer is the best in terms of customer support and pricing. Been a SL customer for about two years now and it's been a great experience with them so far!

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    I would have to agree. If their prices weren't a bit higher than normal, I'd still be using them. Their support is fantastic, their network is rock solid, they absolutely rock!
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