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    server hacked again - advise prevention

    This is third time my Plesk server got hacked. What actions should I take?

    Every time there are some scripts in /tmp which includes txt, pl, sh scripts.

    Hacker removes all the LOG folders on server and replace all the index files in www/vhosts

    When I run the rootkithunters there are no infections.

    Please advise.

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    I say drop plesk get cpanel and install csf firewall and you should be good to go

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    You should secure your /tmp partition . Also check your log files in order to find out and close the loop holes which hackers used.

    Confirm your server is using configured firewalls.

    Hope that with root access an admin can fix this issue permanently and secure your server - the name says it all!
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    Quote Originally Posted by HypedHosting View Post
    I say drop plesk get cpanel and install csf firewall and you should be good to go
    Cpanel is the way to go.

    Hacker replaced index for all sites ? Or just few ?

    Your computer may have some keylogger, so do OS reinstall or install Ubuntu on your desktop. Then OS reload server, this time use linux desktop to work with your server, so you can make sure hacker is not getting password from your desktop computer.

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    yes, it would be better to change your control panel to cpanel.

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    Quote Originally Posted by multimedia9 View Post
    yes, it would be better to change your control panel to cpanel.
    It is not about plesk.

    You need to check all your sites for vulnerable scripts, etc...

    Make sure first to secure your server.
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    Solution, to hire a sysadmin
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    Well its not with Plesk and changing control panel is no good idea, I agree with cpanel you get better options but the core thing is proper security and hardening to be performed. Cpanel servers also get compromised so you can stick with plesk as well. Clean your servers and find out any suspicious domain on the server.
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    I think you should get the server restored and contact to any server administrator that can secure your box.
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    Spend some $$ on a system admin to secure the box and go through it there must be something that your missing...
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    Yes.. hire some sysadmin is better than changing the control panel. Also make sure that files on the accounts are in correct ownership and permission and also they are using updated softwares like blog, wordpress etc.

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    +1 Hire a sysadmin such as It is cheap and well worth it in your case.
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    May i ask what the "hacker" did to the index files? I recently have had some users wiith the Grublar virus which steals the users FTP info then modifies index files w/ an IFRAME code..

    Easy solution for me was to:
    kill FTP
    restore files
    change passwords
    start FTP
    notify infected users

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    If you have a good system security that should do the trick. But also, keep your FTP/cPanel safe. No-logins should be required to the CS. & Try not to give soo many people SF Logins also.

    Otherwise, like everyone said.
    Get Sysadmin.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jackpx View Post
    Solution, to hire a sysadmin

    If you don't know what you're doing hire an admin to keep an eye on your server for you.
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    you need to install mod_sec also or buy an application firewall - different then a normal one.
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    You may consider or Applicure's DotDefender for Apache.
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