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    PROBLEM: ADSL Act light stops flashing

    I have a cybercafé, i had 3 computers first with a switch 4 ports, everything was going so fine.

    a week ago, i ordered a new switch (D-LINK DES-10160 - 16 Ports - ) with 5 new computers.

    I'm using Windows Vista, I can connect to Internet but sometimes (mostly each 6 minutes) my modem (ADSL / ACT light) stops flashing and the (ADSL / LINK light) becomes orange, then i lose the internet connection in all computers.

    i called my Internet provider, they said "we don't see any issue here, it may be your local network."

    NOTE: when i connect directly to a computer, i mean without using the (switch / network) It works fine.

    I gave my friend my switch and modem to test, it works fine with him.

    where can be the probleme ?


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    On my DSL modem, an orange link indicates that the unit is rebooting itself. But it could mean anything, you'll need to check the product documentation. Does the connection start working after a minute? Have you called your Internet provider while the problem is happening? They should be able to "see" whether the modem is working or not while it's down.

    Since it works for your friend, maybe check the power at your location and the phone cord to the DSL modem.
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    The connection works after i switch OFF/ON the modem, then it starts working again.

    The connection works fine without a network, i mean from the modem to a computer, in this time i don't see any issue, but when i like to use the switch, after a moment it stops (sometimes 10 minutes, it may be 30 minutes, or up one hour)

    my friend told me, it may be my anti-virus, well i reinstalled my OS, and not installed yet any anti-virus program but still seeing the problelm.

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    Are there any inconsistencies within the built in firewall? For example, do you have a device added to the exclusions list but also to the blocked list?

    I've seen this issue before and the router became so mentally messed up trying to work out if it was safe or not that it shut itself down thinking there was a major error and hoping a reboot could resolve it (of course it wouldn't because they'd still be on both lists).

    Just an option to look at, hope you get it resolved quickly.
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