AMHosting, LLC ( is a privately held web hosting company based out of Reno, NV and have been providing hosting, email, dedicated, colocated, and reseller hosting solutions since 1997. Formerly known as American Internet we have established a solid foundation to offer reliable and secure web hosting solutions. Our data center provides a premium, secure hosting environment for hundreds of servers monitored 24/7/365 by experienced technicians.

AMHosting was created in 1997 and initially hosted our Web Servers in remote collocation facilities in cities such as San Jose, San Diego, and St. Louis. We then grew to a level where we needed to further improve the quality of service and expand our capabilities. In 1999 we opened our data center in Reno, NV which we now own and operate. As the hosting business continues to grow, we continue to improve our network, our facility, our products, and our team.

Over time, we have learned what customers look for in a hosting company: fast and reliable service, fair business practices, speedy and accurate technical support, affordable prices, and a complete section of products and services.

Location Details

Our company headquarters located in Reno, NV is a 6000 square foot facility is home to our office and two fully self contained server rooms. One server room is set up exclusively for network equipment, while the other room houses our web servers and collocated servers. We have customers everywhere, from right next door, coast to coast, and just about every continent on the planet. Each server room is protected by a concentric-ring alarm system, which can be viewed live from anywhere in the world.

Network Monitoring

In addition to monitoring the movement of people throughout our data center, we monitor our equipment and network at the Network Operations Center (NOC). Our experienced NOC personnel utilize sophisticated tools to monitor network latency, packet loss, and service availability, responding immediately to resolve potential issues so that service is not interrupted. These tools continually probe and test network resources to verify their availability and responsiveness. If a failure or degradation occurs, our monitoring solution automatically notifies our administrators and initiates recovery procedures.

Data Center Design

All power is delivered continually and consistently via our UPS systems. This system regulates the flow of electricity by conditioning all power and delivering it at constant levels to all servers and network equipment. This results in maximum uptime and optimum server performance. (Without conditioning, equipment in the data center would be subject to power surges. This causes electricity to enter your servers at a range of 115 volts to 122 volts. This continued fluctuation in electric power would decrease the life of our servers.) Our UPS system is backed up by a diesel generator. The diesel generator is tested for reliability every month and is capable of producing enough power to maintain the data center for weeks at a time.

With 26 tons of redundant AC ventilation and cooling units we can maintain the room temperature and humidity inside the data center at ideal levels. Relative humidity remains between 30-45% while temperature remains between 68-71 degrees Fahrenheit .

Owning our own data center allows us to provide you with unmatched reliability and up time; we are dependent only on our in-house staff, not the staff of a remote facility to service and upgrade our servers. We fix problems before they become problems providing you with maximum reliability and performance.

In Case of Disaster

All our servers run on multiple hard drives; each server is configured with at least 3 drives at all times. Recovery from failures using redundant disk drives take minutes, instead of the hours needed with traditional tape backup systems. Having each system have its own backup disk system eliminates the single-point failure of backup systems using centralized storage array networks (SANs) or network attached storage (NAS). Data is backed up once a day, to two different hard drives in each server. The effectiveness of this system is reflected in the fact that we haven't lost an active Web site from any of our production servers for four years, and counting.