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    MercuryWeb - stay away

    Id just like to tell everyone about my experience with VPS hosting.

    They put me on a plan with what seemed like a decent amount of downloads and bandwidth.

    The stated amount of downloads was not correct as their TOS says "If at any time the cost of providing the service exceeds the income from the aformentioned service, MercuryWeb NZ Ltd reserves the right to restrict or terminate service without notice, although all reasonable effort will be made to give notice or provide access to files hosted on the service. The option will be provided to the customer to increase the payment for service to offset this."

    No warning was given to me. ALL my files, database etc are gone and I wasn't even sent an email. All they did is put a support ticket up on their site, which was not sent to my email and I had no idea about until AFTER the disconnection AND removal of all my files. The support ticket included a download link for all vps files which expired after 24 hours. No email was sent to me and first thing I knew was my site was down.

    I sent one email. NO reply.

    I sent a second email. No reply.

    By the third email, they informed me but by then it was too late.

    Considering the first email was sent within the download period they could have replied and I could have downloaded by site files but they didn't. Their support response prior to this was within the day on average, Im beginning to think they may have deliberately ignored my email.

    The other thing id like to mention is don't believe a word about their stated download limits. You would be lucky to even get a quarter of what is stated and I didn't even get that much.

    I've lost a total of 3 months of work, all my site files and other things.

    Stay away from this company if you wish to avoid a similar experience.
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    There own site is not working properly
    what more could you have expected
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