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    Apache Overloading


    I need your help guys. I'm having a problem on my server and we're really having a hard time figuring out what it is. We have a dedicated server with one site on it and usually the load is only about 10% of the CPU. But randomly (i man really random, sometimes in the afternoon, sometimes 5AM) the load shoots up and consumes almost all the CPU memory with a bunch of apache processes, each taking up huge amounts of memory. At this point the site becomes inaccessible. I've attached an image of what apache looks like at this point. This is not something gradual, it happens almost instantly.

    Anyone have any ideas? Could there be one script that is doing a loop or something? How do I find what's the problem script?

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    first check it by stoping the apache process,see the load is reduceing or not
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    We had this exact problem a while back, and we ended up getting tired of trying to track down what in Apache was causing it and switched to Litespeed. That solved the problem, but it could have been a simple error we overlooked.
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    you need to provide more insight. I have help many with this. It could be from too much traffic to non-thread safe PHP running with MPM enabled on httpd.
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    You also should need to check in the Apache error logs to find out if anything wrong there. The location is /usr/local/apache/logs/error_logs.
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