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    dolphin modification needed

    Hey all,
    I will be launching a social network using boonex dolphin (or possibly elgg depending on which is easier to mod). One of my target users are local bands. I want them to be able to sell their songs directly from their profile page kinda like in the image below, with my site taking a % of sales.

    Would anyone be able to give me a quote on getting this done?


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    If you can send me a detailed specification list to my email, I can give you a fixed price for modifying the boonex dolphin script or elgg
    Chris, Developer/Programmer,
    Php laravel developers,
    Ruby on Rails developers,

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    chrisranjana, please IM me at AIM: PlierLipBoy

    regarding dolphin modifications.

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    You can goto where you can get help and modifications.

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