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    RapidSwitch SCAM?

    Hey guys. Did any one see the RapidSwitch promo a few months ago? It was something like 2 per month for a VPS.

    Well despite knowing deep down it was too good to be true, I went for it.

    Around the end of the promotion, We stopped using the VPS this was around our billing date. Conveniently around the same time the VPS went offline and was unreachable for days. We gave up trying to reach the box and we assumed (like every other provider would) that they shut it off and that was the end of the matter.

    Now they claim the VPS has been up all this time. They now are claiming we owe them all sorts of ever changing figures (Pick a number any number).

    This month they want almost 40.
    Last month it was almost 25
    The month before that, they wanted over 50.

    My inbox is jam packed full of emails from them demonstrating how not to run a billing dept. Many overcharges and also credits to my account add to the madness.

    Their legal threats are getting old.

    Did any one else have a problem?

    I just noticed many of these emails wanting different amounts are titled "Final Reminders" which state that my service has been cut off. So where they are getting these figures from I have no idea.
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    You didnt cancel the service.

    Regardless of the box being up or down, left or right, if you signed up for a recurring service, and didnt submit a cancellation, then it sounds like you do indeed owe them, and you also need to cancel the account before the bill keeps getting higher?

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    How can they bill for a service which is not provided? I would really love to see that stand up in court. I told them hands up I should have checked with them and at the time I was willing to pay for one month, but their threats got my back up and I have since refused to pay their random figures.

    They play dirty business.

    My post was seeing if any one else has been in this situation with them.

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    From what I've just read, you assumed the service was cancelled yet you didn't specifically ask them to cancel the service. It's a very simple procedure in MyServers (RapidSwitch Customer Area).

    I'd recommend cancelling now, although I'm sure it's 30 days notice?. I personally haven't ever had a problem with them and their billing department were always great.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wompie View Post
    I would really love to see that stand up in court.
    I would advise against doing this.

    You agree to a monthly contract that states until cancellation from the client using the correct procedure (normally in your client area) your liable for every monthly payment.

    So in court you technically wouldn't stand a chance.

    Companies know that when people sign up for 2 some will cancel and that's a loss, most will pay the higher amount in a few months time and some will do what you did and they still make money.

    Personally we take none payment as a cancalation, although by doing so I suppose we are losing alot of money as our T&C would let us chace the due payment.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ZanyHost View Post
    You agree to a monthly contract that states until cancellation from the client using the correct procedure (normally in your client area) your liable for every monthly payment.
    This is true. However, I can understand that you've accidentally got yourself in a bit of a mess - can you drop me an email at paul [at] and I'll get our Customer Service team to look into what we can do? We're not in the business of cheating people out of money but obviously with an ongoing service we can only presume that a service is required to continue unless we're informed otherwise.

    There is a one-click button in MyServers to cancel any or all services with RapidSwitch for future reference but let's try and sort this current problem out today.


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    Hi Wompie,

    Before terminating any account from the server the hosting provider needs a confirmation from the client that the backup has been taken, so that the hosting provider can terminate the account.

    If your VPS was not responding, you should have contacted them and checked the status of your VPS.

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    Might be worth calling them up and seeing what they have to say, do the invoices indicate what the amounts are for?
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