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    server for mailing list

    Hi friends!
    Sorry my poor english.

    I need a server for mailing list, not spam!!
    Do you know a good company?

    Thanks a lot!

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    Take a look at the offer section :

    Before placing order with any company please do let the company know that you are going to use the server for mailing list.

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    How many emails will you be sending out on average from the server? What sort of specs are you looking for?

    Mailing lists are a touchy subject with a lot of providers due to the high possibility of spam so be sure to consult their Sales department before ordering.
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    Best suggestion is to contact providers you're interested in and go over the details of your email campain with them. This will help you determine which company to do business with and allows them to know everything up front.

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    thank you friends!
    I will make some contacts!!

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    How many emails you are planning to send?

    When it comes to mailing list, it is wise to get a good drives like scsi or sas, not just cpu.
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