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    Client / Time management system

    I am looking for a way to manage my customer, time, and billing from one location. Iíve decided to do this online because there are multiple people now to keep track of time on projects, etc.
    Iím looking for a client / time management system to basically keep all of my recording online. I will still do the invoicing / accounting on my machine, I need a place for the programmers to keep track of their hours better.

    Are there any good all-in-one CMS systems that have this? CitrusDB is on the right track with the programming of things, but itís a little choppy for me.


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    I think WHMCS can do this for you. You can bill your clients for custom work which you can calculate hourly/per ticket/per project.

    I don't think it offers a project management feature such as dotProject though.
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    i'm looking for something along the lines of free.

    just more of a backend. not necessarly have a client side of things.

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    Free, have you tried SugarCRM?

    It's not necessarily exactly what your looking for, but it's a great piece of software.
    Not sure what to put here :-P

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    WHMCS should be able to do this for you, it's a great software that can do whatever you need basically and I suggest it.

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