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    hardware firewalls

    Does a windows based server require a hardware firewall ?

    content on the server is not going to be fincailly sensitive at all.

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    No, software or shared firewall would be ideal in your situation.

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    Depends on the level of security you wish to have. Hardware firewalls certainly cost more than software, but they have the added benefit of filtering and dealing with issues before they reach your server. They will also include private IP's and free up server resources. A software firewall will use your server resources and process issues on the server as it is received. Most dedicated providers will offer a shared hardware firewall as a cost effective alternative in comparison to a dedicated firewall.
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    If you server is not going to use all its resource at all times, I would recommend going with a software firewall.

    Hardware firewalls are always better, but they are more expensive.

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    I'm not sure what the server is being used for, but there are several added capabilities with a hardware firewall too. What exactly will the server be used for?

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