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    Rapidswitch network issues?

    We've been having lots of network issues with Rapidswitch today - anyone else able to confirm this?

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    Sure it wasn't power? I notice a VPS of ours rebooted earlier.

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    Hi Dan,

    We rebooted a node today but that didn't cure the issue - our own email has also been offline and their support doesn't seem to be particularly bothered in prompt replies - last reply from them was 4 hours ago.

    At this rate it will be easier to move our entire website/support system to one of our other providers.

    There is a possibility that our issues could also be due to an issue that VirginMedia are also having and that there is no 'real' problem with RapidSwitch but trying to get an answer from either of them is like trying to get blood out of a stone.

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    I'd say it's probably VM.

    I run an app on my PC that requires a solid connection to MySQL and it hasn't dropped out apart from the reboot.

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    I'm leaning toward that - thanks for letting me know.

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    My 2 servers run fine. No power outage and no packet loss.

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    My dedicated server with RapidSwitch has been working fine, but the VPSes have either had severe issues (VPS Node 9, freezing, reboots required, loss of connectivity) or just loss of connectivity (VPS Node 7).

    Apart from this, they've been fine. However, it is rather frustrating.

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