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    International SMS at Cheaper Rates : Through Indian Gateways

    May it be Alerts! Meeting Notifications! Advertisements!

    All would agree that we might need a berry or a text message to alert us. We are presenting the cheaper rates for international SMS with the following features:

    ****XML API
    ****Unlimited Sender ID
    *** Real Time Sender ID
    *** Live NDNC Filter (With And Without)
    *** 99.9% guaranteed SMS Delivery
    *** Real time Delivery report
    *** Secure Communication
    *** Error Code Supporting
    *** Supporting Long SMS
    *** Supporting all Special Characters
    *** 99.9% Uptime
    *** Delivery up to 5000 SMS in 2-3 Sec.
    *** Minimal Execution Delay
    *** Dedicated Server for fast and reliable service
    *** Professional Service
    *** Support within 1Hr
    *** 24/7 Help Lines
    *** Intelligent traffic routing and gateway Management
    *** One Year Validity

    We are will be using indian gateways which should provide you the international SMS at cheaper rates and will ensure delivery in timely fashion.

    Please post in your enquiries to [email protected] or feel free to drop a PM
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    Is this offer still available

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