This is the strangest thing I have seen in a long time!

I open one of my sites and go to a passwerd protected page (.htaccess). I have a link on that page to open cPanel for that site in a new window, also password protected.

If I log out of cPanel, close that window and go back to the first window, everything I click pops up the user/pass box. If I just close that window so the browser is no longer open, it loops my ISP for that domain.

I can't reach the site any more in any browser. I can ping and traceroute it fine. Reboot the PC, same thing. I can browse the whole internet, just not that site.

If I use my cellular card to connect to the internet on a different ISP, it works fine. Disconnect and go back to my normal ISP and still no good.

It gets hung up like this for a few hours.

I know...just don't do that!!

-Windows XP
-Problem occurs with different browsers
-Website is on a *nix server running apache
-Have tried ipconfig /flushdns

Has any one ever seen anything so strange?