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Support Desk Now Open To All!

We continue to pride ourselves on great support. I know it isn't as flashy as new features every other week, but we find it to be even more important for the health and success of your business.

So what do you need to know? Let us go over some details.

  • Update and use the alternate e-mail settings. Since we do put a higher priority on direct customer's tickets, please make sure you add all the e-mail addresses you might use to send support queries. This ensure that your request is correctly tied to your account and not as a guest request.
  • All requests are important. Don't worry if we state your tickets are not highest priority. It is very important to us that your overall experience with ClientExec is exceptional. We understand support goes hand in hand with your experience. So it doesn't matter whom you obtained your license from we will take your ticket seriously.
  • Stay current. Those who did not obtain their license directly from us will only be able to get support, via support tickets, if they are using the latest stable release.
  • Are support plans still worth purchasing? Of course. There are some items that direct customers and support plan owners will get in terms of support that will not be available to "guests". These will be outlined as we move forward but this will mostly be in the lines of upgrades and installation prices.
  • Will direct customers experience delays now? We have enough full time support staff to handle the expected load. Those that might feel any delay are those that previously didn't have access to our support team. Expect the same great responses from our support team. Nivin, Brian, Manu, Tom and Joe are ready to assist you.
  • Most Importantly, for the sake of the community please use the forum and KB. There isn't a reason to submit a support ticket to ask how something works or how to do a specific function. There is a community for that at, and you will appreciate it when others do the same so you can benefit from the answers.

These changes are made to ensure your ClientExec experience is the best possible one. Without good support, great software is .. well not so great. Speaking of great software. Stay tunes to our twitter feed on our 4.0 alpha release coming within a month.

Continue posting your suggestions to our roadmap. We have dedicated staff members looking over each entry and making sure we plan accordingly

We sincerely appreciate your continued interest in our products.

The Entire ClientExec Staff!