Hi all!

Last couple of days I have been developing a Standalone preforking PHP application
server framework. Only PHP on Un*x is required to run it, no webserver.

Why is it useful?
If you want to create some system application that does not fit into your webserver
context and you do not want to install another webserver instance (just to run it as
a different user, for example).

Personaly I used it to develop a solution that does "svn update" from the website. A
user chooses an website and clicks "SVN UPDATE" and then web frontend connects to this
standalone server via XML-RPC. This server then changes user from root to appropriate
unprivileged user and executes "svn up" in the right directory.

As you have total control over the application server, you are also responsible for
the security of your application. Power comes with the responsibility.

Anyway, enough talking. If you find it useful or suitable for a particular purpose,
feel free to download it at:

Best regards,