100 mbit flatfee dedicated unmetered NL

1000 mbit flatfee dedicated unmetered NL

Rackspace in Easynet, Schiphol Rijk, the Netherlands - Full rack

Rackspace in Easynet, Schiphol Rijk, the Netherlands - 1/2 rack

Rackspace in Easynet, Schiphol Rijk, the Netherlands - 4U

Remote hands in Easynet, Schiphol Rijk, the Netherlands

  • 50 euro / hour during office hours
  • 99 euro / hour outside office hours

You can also buy all hardware directly from us Supermicro, Dell and IBM, APC, HP and more.

Available Control panels

- CPanel incl. Fantastico
- DirectAdmin
- Plesk (we are a Parallels Platinum Partner)

Available backup solutions

- R1soft CDP (we are a R1soft hosting partner)


Swiftway is a subdivision of Eureka Solutions and a provider of turn-key internet services based in Europe.

These services include high-speed internet access, website design, custom programming, server management, colocation, Hosted exchange/sharepoint, Streaming Media and dedicated servers.

The company has been in continuous operation since 2003 and offers its services to demanding firms in over twenty countries the world over.

We use:

- Our own high quality BGP network AS35017
- Our team of experienced (10 years+) server administrators.
- All hardware 100% owned by Swiftway.
- Servers placed in our own cage or suite in a high tech datacenter with over 10 MW capacity (full redundant)

Frequently Asked Questions about Swiftway and the offers:

Q: How long are you in Business?
A: Eureka Solutions is a LLC (SP. z o.o.) founded in 2003, Swiftway is its hosting brand.

Q: You are a European company, where are the servers located?
A: We host our servers in the Netherlands on our own network AS35017

Q: Swiftway is a European company, where do they provide colocation?
A: Swiftway currently provides colocation in the USA, France, UK, Netherlands, Germany and Poland.

Q: Can you do custom configurations?
A: Yes we do, but a custom configuration will take a longer time to deploy.

Q: Do you allow all content?
A: We do not allow Warez or warez related content and IRC

@ High Quality network: Swiftway AS35017


We can make custom quotes and setups, please mail to [email protected]

- Contract term on full and half racks 12 months
- Contract term on 1U, 2U and 4U servers minimum 3 months
- All above prices excluding VAT

- Payment month to month.
- We accept Paypal and bank wire transfers
- Only available for new customers

Special offer valid untill 31st of august 2009
How can i order?
mail us at [email protected]