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    Web server die when add 500 domain

    When I add more than 500 domain, all websites on my server was died,
    I deleted some domain then restart httpd , It runs normaly

    My server is Linux Centos 5.2, Kloxo ( Lxadmin ) control panel.

    Please help me how to config my server to run over 500 domain.


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    Did you get any error message in the error logs ?

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    In the LXadmin Control Panel

    There is a "Add Client Plan" Tab , you can specify

    Number Of Domains allowed
    Ability to add more domains

    Try to edit the plan that you have assigned to the client . - the name says it all!
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    could be that you use to many file descriptors.. Try to disable some error logs or other open files in apache.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nowiresltd View Post
    Did you get any error message in the error logs ?
    No error, the httpd can start with a green "OK" echo, but when I open web in browser, it returns "connect to server failed".

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    could still be file descriptors becouse apache only opens logfiles the first time it has to write something and then keeps the file open.

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    It has to be the open files descriptors limit causing the problem. The best way to do is to recompile apache with an increased limit of open file descriptors. Not sure, how LxAdmin control panel manages that. Cpanel/WHM by default compiles apache with a higher limit and hence we never face any problem with it.
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