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    Tiny hosting account with multi-domain

    I need tiny hosting plan for my friend.

    - Space 20-30MB
    - Bandwith 1GB.
    - Multi-domain hosting, 5-10 domain names in single hosting account.
    - Only need plain html, no need any php or mysql.
    - Server: Linux
    - Location: Asia
    - Budget: US$20-30 per year.

    Sorry if the requirement too tiny.. But it is all he need.


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    I would recommend you place the request in the find a host section and on the requests sections on other forums not on the generatl discussions forums and you will have more options to have a look at.
    What about DB? Or that is not needed?
    What about the west coast of the US or Asia is the must?

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    Which part of Asia data center that you need for hosting your friend website?
    Maybe you need to increase the budget a bit because mostly shared linux hosting plan are starting from USD 48 to USD 60 per year. You will get sufficient disk space and also the number of domains allowed.

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    If I was a general person seeking hosting, I would actually find that to be on a reasonable budget. That is me personally though. Look at the requirements again 1GB = 12GB a year in Bandwidth 240MB a year in space for 20MB a month.

    Consequently you would need to find a webhost that will offer a custom package for those requirements as they are harder to come by now a days with the whole Unlimited propaganda.

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    Yeah your budget matches well with your requirements. As Sean said a custom package will be the right solution for you IMO also. Best of luck to find a reliable one. Also do your research before you choose any host.

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    There are plenty of budget hosts out there! Make sure to test support, etc, you should be able to find something, but many at that price might not be as reliable as you desire!
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    If your site is not too large the location would not really matter when it comes to noticing speed, but as others have mentioned you have a lot of options so you can either place a request or check out the offers section.

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