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    httpf failed to start (httpd: bad user name kid)

    [[email protected] ~]# service httpd restart
    Stopping httpd: [FAILED]
    Starting httpd: httpd: bad user name kid
    [[email protected] ~]# id kid
    id: kid: No such user
    [[email protected] ~]# grep ^User /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf
    User apache
    [[email protected] ~]#

    Please help me the exact command to find it out what is this kid which is letting httpd start

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    That's very interesting, have you checked the apache error logs to see if there's anything more verbose to help you?
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    Apache is not working from two days, no latest log

    Infect someone removed all the logs from


    I have restored but since then apache is not starting

    before this it was apache start to failed but today

    Starting httpd: httpd: bad user name kid

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    Look in the httpd.conf file for the line that starts with "User" that
    defined the user that Apache is going switch to running as. Check that
    the user that is listed is a valid user on the server.But if apache was running before..that means either the user might have got removed / httpd.conf got edited somehow ?
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    httpd.conf is following:

    # If you wish httpd to run as a different user or group, you must run
    # httpd as root initially and it will switch.
    # User/Group: The name (or #number) of the user/group to run httpd as.
    # . On SCO (ODT 3) use "User nouser" and "Group nogroup".
    # . On HPUX you may not be able to use shared memory as nobody, and the
    # suggested workaround is to create a user www and use that user.
    # NOTE that some kernels refuse to setgid(Group) or semctl(IPC_SET)
    # when the value of (unsigned)Group is above 60000;
    # don't use Group #-1 on these systems!
    User apache
    Group apache

    I can not figure out, any help plz?

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    Have you tried rebuilding apache?
    and/or tried to roll-back to a previously working configuration?

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    The error seems that there is a virtual host entry with the user name " kid ". You can remove this virtual host section from your httpd.conf and this will fix your issue.

    Make sure you have take necessary backup of httpd.conf

    Otherwise you can make a syntax check of your httpd.conf using the following command

    /etc/init.d/httpd configtest - the name says it all!
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    Try to check the size of errorlogs by using,

    #cd /usr/local/apache/conf
    # du -sh *

    if the size of the errorlogs is large make it empty and
    restart the apache.
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    if httpd -t or configtest showing such and error then it should somewhere in the config file/ If it is not listing in the httpd.conf file, then are you sure that there is not preconfig files included inside httpd.conf file.

    This error mostly comes when we terminate a domain from cpanel server and it will not removed the config entries correctly.

    grep bad /var/cpanel/accounting.log

    if you get the domain name then try
    grep -irl domainname/username /etc/ This will give in case any other config files included with httpd.conf have such entry..try to hash it if found any...

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