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    Thumbs up [Review] - VPS

    Hey guys, this is my first post on these forums but ive been browing for a few months now and just wanted to give people looking for an affordable and quality VPS host a heads up. Ive been with several, until I was recommended I personally required a specific windows OS (which they installed free of charge) for my use and they had several cheap packages available and allowed you to upgrade only specific aspects as needed. Main thing for me was the network connection, and the 100mbit shared feels like 100mbit dedicated with almost NO slowdowns. Basically, for the price I was doubtful and now fell I owe them credit haha

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    Great review, thanks. I also have a VPS with dme but has only been a couple of weeks but been 100% ok for me, I will also review them after approx 3 months. Always good to see when others are happy with the same host you have chosen.

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    Always great to see happy customer face. Thanks for the review.
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    Thanks for the reviews guys! - DME Hosting LLC | Servers, KVM/OpenVZ VPS's, Email Hosting, Web Hosting

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    Good to see some good reviews So much negative on WHT lately it is refreshing to have some good.

    Keep it up DME!

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    Thanks for the positive review. Good job DME!

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    I got a test environment VPS from DME and so far so good 100% up time for almost a month now! keep it up guys.

    If you want value for money and can manage VPS on your own, DME is the choice! i just noticed it is initially slow when i logged in but when the VPS adjusted by bursting or allocate enough memory it is lightning fast!
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    I ran speed test

    Server Downloading Stuff @ 1.2 Mbytes/sec
    Server Streaming Stuff @ ?? (not sure cause i maxed out my connection @ 10 Mbytes/sec) so it probably > 10 Mbytes/sec

    Might been off-peak hour or something. With them for 2 month now, hasn't had any serious problem. only once, where the server was down for 5 minutes lolz which they send me a SMS saying 500 internal server error.

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    Thanks for Your Review
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    Thumbs up 1 Year+ Review

    Hey guys, so its been over a full year since I've been with and I fell like I owe them this update

    Anyway, I've still got my windows VPS with them and have had to file MAYBE 1-2 support tickets within this time period....if anything, service has improved (specifically, network quality, 11mb/s every time I test it )

    As long as things keep going at this pace I don't see why I'd ever change hosts

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    Thanks for keeping us updated. Seems like you are happy with them and looking for a long term relationship with them. Thanks for sharing your experience, it's always nice to read some nice reviews.

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    Great to see good reviews
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    Nice to hear that after one year you are still with them and It's seems like you are really satisfied with your vps.

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