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    cms for job offer and demand web

    any cms best suited for job offer and demand web. i also want it to be easy to manage.

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    Are you looking for something interactive or just content or both?
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    Drupal or Joomla should be your best bet.

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    I'm hooked with WordPress, there's just so many cool themes and plugins
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    It would be a simple publishing tool for ppl looking for or offering a job where they can log as an user and post a short message and contact mail. The simpler the better as long as it is interactive so there is no need for a full time administrator to publish messages on his own. Admin should only supervise new entries. Messages should expire in an specified time. And then send the user who published the content a message to their recorded mail address including link to republish the content if they are still interested. So to prevent the site get full of old useless messages.

    Regarding drupal and joomla i have little experience with them, i am now working with cms made simple and personally i choosed drupal over joomla but find really hard to customize, you really need to be a programmer to do that and then where is the point of using a cms in the first place.

    And about wordpress, i dont know if such tool would be good handling a few thousand users in a site as im suggesting. I mean i really dont know.

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    I would recommend Joomla and wordpress. Too great CMS solutions. Another one is exponentcms. It does not have much popularity but once you get the hang of it, it will become a breeze
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