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    Looking for parter for new venture


    I am looking for a business partner who has had experience in the web hosting industry, and possibly in managing as well as supporting vBulletin installations.

    Services being offered:
    • vBulletin Forum hosting
      • Shared
      • VPS
      • Dedicated
    • vBulletin Cloud Hosting (conditional and isn't fully cloud)
    • vBulletin Licensing
    • vBulletin Server Management
    • vBulletin Support
    What is expected from the business partner:

    One of the conditions that we need of the new business partner is for him/her to invest at least 300 into the business, due to the nature, as the services (and require large investments to provide a service, which no one has provided before, as well as to cover promotion costs.

    The business partner will need to dedicate at least 2 hours per week in regards to answering management issues as well as answer support tickets and possible live support, however, as time goes on, management (business partner and myself) will spend less time as support staff are factored in.

    Ideally, the business partner should have a sound backround in business management or at least some qualification in Business Studies (preferred) or Economics.

    If the business partner has experience in all fields required including server management, the share will be increased to 42% after 3 months into the business, and a formal contract will offered again to confirm.

    As time goes on...

    The business partner will gain share and eventually equate to 50% of the business, depending on several factors. The starting share is 38%. Unfortunately, all money gained in the initial months of the business will be re-invested into the business, and therefore payment is not currently possible. I am currently awaiting feedback from my accountant to provide details, however, from initial conversations, with the business advisors as well, we deduced that with the correct promotion, including correct 4Ps and the marketing mix, the business will become very valuable, and possibly, earn over $1000 per month within the first 6 months.

    I'm interested, what now?

    If you are interested or would like more information, please do not hesitate to email me, (including your resume/CV if you're really keen) at shamil.nunhuck [@at@] radonsystems[.dot.]net.

    If you'd like an informal chat, please add me on msn, nunhucks[at]hotmail-co-uk or via Skype: nunhucks .

    Due to telephone problems at my current location, I am unable to answer telephone calls. There's an outage at my local telephone exchange, and mobile reception is abhorrent/virtually non-existent.
    Shamil Nunhuck, - Radon Systems Limited
    VPS + Dedicated Server Hosting and Management
    vBulletin / XenForo Hosting and Services
    Server / Website Consultation

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