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    Best dedicated providers on Europe


    We need to setup 10 dedicated servers plus a 1GBit line on Europe, our main goal is to setup a very good network that will be used to download files from Spain. We need excellent network connectivity from / to Spain, that includes a very good download speed and also an stable network.

    This must be unmanaged RHEL / CentOS 5.x servers.

    What companies do you suggest?

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    Did you check the dedicated server offers here already?

    What is your budget and preferred server specs?
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    for me go there are very good and for support JoneSolutions.Com
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    Telefonica is the main provider in Spain. That means you have several options:

    1. Take a provider with direct peering to Telefonica, for example TeliaSonera.
    2. Take a provider that uses a direct peer from Telefonica as a transit provider.
    3. Deal with Telefonica directly.

    Now option number 3 will probably be the most expensive, so if you look for a good deal, you might opt for 1 or 2. Your Business deserves our Quality - Experts on Hand since 2005. Europe & US locations, we operate our own network AS35017
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    Spain it's the expensive country in Europe for servers, I think you will be better with German ones, with perhaps spanish IP, or you can also try France, or Holland. honest european provider

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    Don't know if that helps but LeaseWeb has peering to

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    I would check out Telecity. They have Telefonica listed as connected networks..

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    I doubt many .us providers will be worth much to european users.. Not many on the other side of the pond can match the latency of a provider on the same continent

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    there is

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    There is no such thing as best dedicated hosting provider. Before you choose hosting provider, be sure that you're aware of your needs. Then you can make selection of hosts that match your criteria and check reviews of them. But be careful with reviews, read them but don't trust them. Take them with the grain of salt.
    "Just think of that used car salesman attitude while you’re reading those hosting site reviews. It may sound like a Jaguar, but you’ll probably end up with a Yugo."
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    Does the gigabit line need to be unmetered?
    Do you have any budget available for this?

    I also agree that a US provider is a bad choice, cause connections to Spain will be very bad compared to a decent network in EU.
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    What spec machines do you need? Have you though of going for lease-2-own? It would work out better for you due to the amount of machines.
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    At this moment OVH is giving good connectivity to Telefonica, this situation was worst in the past, and it's not definitevy because telefonica don't want free peering with this company.

    But they are monitoring this situation, and changing routes to the best optimized.

    You can take a look to to verify that.

    Leaseweb in our tests get worst speeds, but we have news that in september, they will improve their network. Normally also I get better speeds from UK providers than Germany with Telefonica.

    Also you can choose an spanish "pure" provider, with infraestructure . I recommend you (they have very good reputation),
    or go directly to housing in one of the stablished datacenters (Telvent CarrierHouse, Globalswitch...etc)


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    Telefonica lets its peering on AMS-IX and DE-IX suffer a huge congestion in peaktimes, thats why hosting with a party that peers with Telefonica on a public peering point is not a good idea.

    OVH and Leaseweb are both content providers. Telefonica is 'mainly' an access provider. Usually peering would mean mutual benefit, but Telefonica is the kind of business that wants payment for peering with smaller parties. OVH and Leaseweb seem to peer with Telefonica on public exchanges.

    Get Teliasonera or any party that is a large as Teliasonera that has private peering with Telefonica to host your content. Alternatively you should consider working with parties that use these peers as transits. Your Business deserves our Quality - Experts on Hand since 2005. Europe & US locations, we operate our own network AS35017
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