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    Professional Custom Made Web Designs for $50.00. See Inside for Details & Examples.


    My name is Anthony Jewell and I am professional designer with over 9 years of experience in web design, graphic design and flash. My portfolio Website is

    The quality that I design will be the same as seen in my portfolio. I believe in always delivering the best of my client no matter how much you are paying.

    I have a special offer that I am running, which I will guarantee you is the best offer you can fine. I am offering 100% custom made, professionally designed websites for $50.00 USD.

    All designs include:
    1) 100% original design, created by me according to your specifications.
    2) 1-2 Concepts, plus unlimited revisions up until you choose the design.
    3) All Rights & Source files provided to you at the end of the project.
    4) This offer does not include coding, but I can code the design and any subpages for an extra $25 per page. If you order more then two pages I'd be willing to give you a discount.
    5) Turn around time for your project is 7-10 business days.
    6) Daily updates given except weekends.

    I invite you to visit my portfolio at I will only be accepting 5-10 design projects for this post, so please either post below, email or pm me if you would like to reserve a spot. These spots will go fast as you can imagine as this is one of the best offers you can find on

    I look forward to working with you.

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    One spot has been taken so far and with the possibility of a few more(am in talk with people). Please post or email asap to reserve your spot. Thanks and I look forward working with you.

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