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    Need dynamic site software

    So I made this site for my sister, and I need some advice from you design GURUs.

    I made the design and cut it in photoshop, but now I need to somehow make it so that she can login and edit the content that exists in the middle of the pages.

    Is there some type of "backend" with a WYSIWYG interface that can do this? As you can see the site is fairly simple, she just needs to be able to add/remove/edit the content.

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    Try Wordpress. Super easy to apply a template to.
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    I don't want to use a blog or CMS here, I need a software or script to addon to the existing site.

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    then you need to make custom script for this with database, simple basic solution make two tables. One for Link and Second for Contents. Both Table link with each other. Like If we click on this link it fetch data from following content id, something like this.....

    You can integrate any WYSIWYG editor in Contents.

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