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    I've got a client who can't connect to my server. His internet connection is provided by a company called

    A correct traceroute to his IP address from my home ends at the following:

    However, from my server it timesout from:

    I am guessing this is a problem between my server and his ISP. If so, how can I get it resolved?



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    There may be a firewall (probably hardware firewall) in the ISP end in between your clients local machine and your server that may be blocking the IP's.

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    Try to contact the ISP ASAP.


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    Ill try to make contact with the ISP but I don't know any Danish so it could get intresting Unfortuently the client is not very technically able (Took me some time for him to ping my server, traceroute it and tell me his IP address) so i'm not sure how well it would go with the client trying to contact his ISP.

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    You'll probably be ok, a lot of Europeans take the trouble to learn English, but us English (UK based at least) are very lazy about learning foreign languages.

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