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    * RentaVPS - Reliable VPS - 50% OFF First Month - INSTANT SETUP - From $5.95 Per Month!

    Affordable, Simple, Reliable Web Hosting and VPS Solutions

    Who are we?

    RentaVPS is a new company with a simple mission, to provide affordable and reliable hosting and VPS solutions. We take a no messing around approach to business and will not mess you around, just deliver you a reliable service.

    To read more about us please click here.

    What comes with our VPS:

    - Core2Duo/Core2Quad Powered Servers
    - At least 4GB DDRII RAM and 250GB RAID1 Protected Storage
    - VPS Control Panel - Start/Stop/Reboot/Reload/Backup your VPS
    - OpenVZ Based
    - 100MBPS Connectivity
    - Multiple Choice of Operating Systems
    - Directadmin just $5 per month and cPanel/WHM just $10 per month
    - Fantastico just $1 additional
    - 2 IP Addresses Included FREE

    Our VPS Plans:

    20GB RAID1 Protected Disk Space
    250GB Bandwidth
    1 IP Address
    256MB Guaranteed RAM
    512MB Burst RAM
    $5.95 Per Month (FIRST MONTH $2.98 USING CODE VPS50OFF)
    Order Securely:

    40GB RAID 1 Protected Disk Space
    600GB Bandwidth
    2 IP Address
    512MB Guaranteed RAM
    1024MB Burst RAM
    $10.95 Per Month (FIRST MONTH $5.48 USING CODE VPS50OFF)
    Order Securely:

    60GB RAID 1 Protected Disk Space
    1000GB Bandwidth
    2 IP Address
    1024MB Guaranteed RAM
    2048MB Burst RAM
    $19.95 Per Month (FIRST MONTH $9.98 USING CODE VPS50OFF)
    Order Securely:

    Package Addons:

    Operating Systems:

    CentOS FREE | Debian FREE | OpenSUSE FREE | Gentoo FREE | Fedora Core FREE | Ubuntu FREE

    Control Panels and Management:

    cPanel/WHM $10.00 Per Month
    cPanel/WHM/Fantastico $11.00 Per Month
    Directadmin $5.00 Per Month
    Webmin FREE
    Kloxo FREE
    Managament is $10.00 Per Month, Each cPanel VPS will receive a free intial setup including securing partitions, installing CSF/APF and brute force prevention, MYSQL tweaks, HTTPD tweaks, disabling dangerous functions and other tweaks.

    Datacentre and Server Information:

    Server Information: We utiilize a range of Core2Duo and Core2Quad chips, these are usually E7400, E8200, E8400 and Q8200, Q8400 CPU's. Each server will have 4GB DDRII RAM if its a dual core and 8GB DDRII RAM if its a quad core. Each dual core will have 250GB RAID1 Protected Storage and each Quad Core at least 500GB RAID1 Protected Storage.

    Datacentre Information:

    DC Location: Scranton, PA
    Test IP:

    Frequently Asked Questions and Support:

    Our FAQ's:

    Q: What is and isnt allowed on your VPS?
    A: No Illegal Adult Content, No Warez Linking, No Warez Hosting. Proxies ARE allowed and legal adult content is allowed

    Q: Whats the typical setup time?
    A: Instant after payment

    Q: Do you offer a moneyback guarantee?
    A: On VPS, Unfortunaetly we do not due to fraud orders

    Q: Do you backup the VPS?
    A: No, We are not repsonsible for backing up your VPS, you are responsible for maintaining backups. We can provide offsite storage for $0.20 per GB. Please ask if you would like this setup.

    Q: What are bandwidth overages charged at?
    A: Bandwidth overages are $0.25/GB, We reccomend purchasing blocks of additional bandwidth before running over, prices are as above for additional bandwidth.

    Support Contact:

    We have a variety of methods for you to get in contact with us. These are as follows:

    MSN: [email protected]
    AIM: RentaVPS
    Skype: RentaVPS
    Sales Email: [email protected]
    Support Email: [email protected]
    24/7 Helpdesk:

    If you have any questions please let us know and we look forward to working with you.

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    I think some hosts like yourself should advertise their services as "US Only" or "Specific Countries Only" hosting. I am getting tired of hosts like yourself.
    I am getting sick of "Our system has detected your order as High Risk" and that purely based on country.
    I mean, come on, what kind of stupid system that would be?
    I am truly disappointed.
    Infect you are the 2nd host that gave me this error today.

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    I am sorry that your order has been caught by the system, many hosts use Maxmind in combination with WHMCS so you may find you get caught out by several systems. We set a reccomended fraud score of 3 and anything over that we manually review. If you feel you have been caught in error open a ticket and we will look over the order.

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    Keywolf, can you please have a look at Ticket #127842

    Sorry I cant send PM yet.

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