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    Question Your opinion about


    Today I visited this site and it looks very interesting. Their content adding feature along with parking is great. What is your opinion? Anybody used this site for parking and how was experience?

    I want some feedback before joining and throwing some domains there?


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    They are known not to be good payers. I'd try if you have more than 10 domains.
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    They offer to add our own AdSense, Clickbank, CJ, etc code to parked pages so there should not be any story about non-payment.

    Then I asked what is advantage of their service because we can host domain ourselves and put AdSense on it. Their support replied that their exclusive benefit is Free Hosting.

    I think the only benefit by this company is free hosting + free content update automatically that can be helpful to bring visitors back due to latest and updated info.

    So far I have this info about this site. Anybody having more info and advantage of this site, please update.


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    I have used SEOParking and all I can tell you is I get more traffic than parking at Sedo and others out there. Yes, you do need to do some homework in optimizing your SEO page which does take some time if you have many domains. One thing I do like is SEOParking does allow you to add script tags, ads, rss feeds pretty much whatever you want. I also recommend WhyPark which also is good except you have to pay $10 month for the rss feeds.

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