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    Anyone know where I can get German or French Hosting?

    I need real German or French Hosting, on a server located in Germany or France with German or French IPs.

    I need 25 IPs and at least 5 C-Classes. Does anyone offer this?

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    I called the US # there and it is not in service. Any other suggestions?

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    Did you try contacting there support by ticket? Maybe theres a error in the number.

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    Hmm.. just the fact there is an error in the number makes me worried.

    Any other host that can provide French and German IPs?

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    I would suggest OVH for a French host or hetzner for a German host. These are both datacenters so you know that they will be here for the long run.

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    Your IP requirements are a bit strange, you might have some trouble finding hosts that can do that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nerdie View Post
    Your IP requirements are a bit strange, you might have some trouble finding hosts that can do that.
    If he can not provide valid reasons to have that much IPs as you said it is not that easy to get a host.

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