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    servertag review

    We've been with Servertag for about half a year now and I must say I'm rather impressed. We were a bit skeptical at first however they've proven themselves over and over again.
    Dan is a great rep to know within the company, really helpful and knowledgeable individual.
    It would be great if they picked up the phone more often however email support is always first class.
    We've been searching for a cost efficient Canadian host with a solid and fast network for quite sometime now, so far these guys seem to suit the bill.
    We currently have managed hosting with them and boy does that go far, It's great to know you have a full-time team that's there 24/7 to help you out during any mishaps.
    I'd recommend them if you're looking for a solid/fast network, great support, and a young company to grow with.


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    Good review. Thanks for sharing it. Interesting to see more customer testimonials about them.

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    I personally has not used them,

    but has talked to Dan the owner,
    he is a great guy, and heard great things about him

    well done!
    Crayon Web Solutions
    "Support and Serve"

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    Nice review. But I suppose that is TY for the whole team as Dan is not the one who takes care about everything there

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    Great review.

    I've had hardware racked with Servertag for a few years now and it's been superb.

    Dan's a great guy.

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    Thanks for Your review
    keep update good luck
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    Tomer A

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    I have zero complaints about servertag. My client has had a server there for a few months now. Support is quick and thorough. The network is quick, and things are just great there. We wanted to stay local (the client is in downtown Toronto), and when our choice came down to a bigger provider out of town and ServerTag, we decided to go local. We don't regret it.

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    Good review and yes update this so we know if things get better or worse.

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    Way to go Dan!
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