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    Life HD

    Hello all.

    Exist site with statistics about Life of HDs?

    Example, HD MODEL XYZ have life +/- 3 Years.

    I want for base my request of news HDs.


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    I think StorageReview has reliability information.
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    I find site for create my requested HDs based in document.

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    how long a hard disk will last largely depends on how you use it.

    for example, I still have machines from the early 90's that have <1GB hard disks, and they are still working since they don't do much.

    and then there are the more recent drives that die all the time because you're running lot's of large torrent's on it.

    I will say this though - all things being equal, the speed at which the hard disk platters spin is indirectly proportional to how long it will last.
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